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Below is a list of all compositions grouped by composition date.

Burlington Overture Cover Page.jpg
Burlington Overture - Full score - Page 11 - 2024-02-02.jpg

Burlington Overture

You will hear references to the marching bands, as well as lyrical phrases that
reflect on the natural beauty that not only surrounds our city, but is an integral part of Burlington’s many festivals and celebrations.

5' 00"

The Kelp Forest - Cover.jpg
The Kelp Forest - Full score - 2023-08-26_page-0004.jpg

The Kelp Forest

An undersea journey that takes the listener to a world where fish swim and rays of light shimmer through the fronds of the kelp forest.


4' 05"

Autumn - Cover.jpg
Autumn - Full score - 2020-12-13_page-0007.jpg


A piece reminiscent of the mood of the season; with plants and animals preparing for winter, and the warmth of the summer giving way to the cooler days of Autumn.


7' 39"

Two Winter Images - Cover.jpg
Two Winter Images - Full score - Page 6 - 2023-08-26_page-0001.jpg

Two Winter Images

Winter invokes many images when living in Canada.  This piece captures two of the more extreme opposites; blizzards and sparkling calm.


7' 53"

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