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Below is a list of all compositions grouped by composition date.

The Kelp Forest - Cover.jpg
The Kelp Forest - Full score - 2023-08-26_page-0004.jpg

The Kelp Forest

An undersea journey that takes the listener to a world where fish swim and rays of light shimmer through the fronds of the kelp forest.


4' 05"

Autumn - Cover.jpg
Autumn - Full score - 2020-12-13_page-0007.jpg


A piece reminiscent of the mood of the season; with plants and animals preparing for winter, and the warmth of the summer giving way to the cooler days of Autumn.


7' 39"

Two Winter Images - Cover.jpg
Two Winter Images - Full score - Page 6 - 2023-08-26_page-0001.jpg

Two Winter Images

Winter invokes many images when living in Canada.  This piece captures two of the more extreme opposites; blizzards and sparkling calm.


7' 53"

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