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Adaptable Ensemble

Below is a list of all compositions grouped by grade then title.

Grade 2.5
Squirrels Cover Art.jpg
Squirrels - Full score - Page 7 - 2023-08-23_page-0001.jpg


Like squirrels, this piece is simple, yet not simplistic, in its melodic and harmonic style.


2' 06"

Grade 3
Western Cover Art.jpg
Western - Full score - Page 8 - 2023-08-23.jpg


This piece invokes the images of ranchers riding under the open skies of the prairies and foothills, and sleeping under the stars.


3' 10"

Vals del Diablo Cover Art.jpg
Vals del Diablo - Full score - Page 5 - 2023-08-23.jpg

Vals del Diablo

A piece with shifting time signatures, disjointed melodies, and contrasting harmonies, as well as a traditional waltz.


1' 49"

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