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Below is a list of all compositions grouped by difficulty then title.

Children's Choir
Visions of Spring Cover - 2022-06-22.jpg
Visions of Spring - Full score - Page 11 - 2023-08-23.jpg

Visions of Spring - SSAA

Visions of Spring captures the excitement and the blossoming of the world around us in the best way you can think of - Music. You'll hear what Spring sounds like, from birds chirping to the transformation of the earth from grey and white to green and vibrant colours, as well as the excitement that comes as the world reawakens.


3' 55"

Commissioned by the Hamilton Children's Choir

Agnus Dei Cover.jpg
Agnus Dei - Full score - Page 6 - 2023-08-23.jpg

Agnus Dei - SSAATTBB

A setting of the Agnus Dei in Latin and English with slowly shifting harmonies and flowing melodic lines.


4' 29"

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