Concert Band

Below is a list of all compositions grouped by grade then title.

Grade 1.5

City Walk

2' 26"

A journey through the neighbourhoods and parks of the city.

Grade 3

A Triumph of Humanity

3' 56"

A celebration of humanity's victories over struggles, like pandemics, wars, famine, and political or social oppression.


3' 14"

A light, carefree piece, with mischievous undertones, that reflects the nature of squirrels.


4' 09"

Rhythmic intricacy with short metric shifts contrasted with a sweeping melodic section.

Grade 3.5


4' 35"

A rich, harmonic piece, capturing the feeling of exploration and the moment when what you have been searching for appears in front of you.

Fanfare and Celebration

5' 00"

A boisterous fanfare followed by a celebratory work that features all sections of the band.


3' 48"

A moving, harmonically rich piece meant to inspire hope in all of us.


3' 48"

A cowgirl's journey through the western landscape.

Grade 4


5' 14"

A rhythmic piece that explores the relationship between duple and triple meter, and how syncopation plays a role in blurring these lines.

Grade 5


5' 38"

A journey through an imaginary land with extremes of dynamics.