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3' 13"

Flex 4

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Western is a flexible ensemble piece for four wind instruments and percussion. It is meant to invoke images of the early days of Western North American culture. Ranchers riding under the open skies of the prairies and foot hills, and sleeping under the stars.


The main theme in Western is a simple, hummable tune that is gradually developed each time it is presented. A 4-note motif is interspersed throughout the piece, and represents the horses the ranchers ride. The slower middle section summons images of night time, with the glockenspiel creating a starry sky. A return to the main theme and the 4-note motif rounds out the piece.


As a flex piece, I encourage everyone to try interesting instrumental combinations.

Ordering Information

Digital orders will be emailed to you as pdf files.  Each digital order will come with one pdf file per part, as well as a conductor's score.  The purchaser has the right to print copies of the pdf files for their, or their ensemble's, use only.  All copies remain part of the original purchase.


Any copies required outside of the original purchase must be bought separately; for example, scores needed for festival adjudicators, exams, personal copies, etc. must be original, purchased scores.

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