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Vals del Diablo





1' 49"

Flex 4

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Vals del Diablo - Cover Page - 2020-08-2

Vals del Diablo is about the devil's influence on a waltz being danced by a group of playful youth. The devil continuosly interrupts the waltz and eventually distorts it so that it is almost ruined. The youth eventually fight back to return the waltz to its original playfulness.


Instrumentally, the devil is represented by the bass drum and snare. These intruments do the interrupting, and alter the waltz to 4/4 time. The harmony becomes dissonant and the melody gets fragmented before the consonant harmonies and 3/4 time of the original waltz return.


Overall, this piece is characterized by shifting time signatures, disjointed melodies, contrasting harmonies, as well as a traditional waltz.

The recording provided is of a flute, clarinet, alto sax and baritone sax with the associated percussion.

Ordering Information

Digital orders will be emailed to you as pdf files.  Each digital order will come with one pdf file per part, as well as a conductor's score.  The purchaser has the right to print copies of the pdf files for their, or their ensemble's, use only.  All copies remain part of the original purchase.

Any copies required outside of the original purchase must be bought separately; for example, scores needed for festival adjudicators, exams, personal copies, etc. must be original, purchased scores.

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