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Flex 4

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Squirrels was originally written to be the music for a video my friend and neighbour Jim Nardi made during the Covid 19 pandemic.  It was one of three videos about the natural surroundings of our city for which I provided the music.

The music reflects the characteristics of squirrels, and is simple, yet not simplistic, in its melodic and harmonic style.  The themes are passed between each of the instruments allowing all the performers to take part equally.

Recordings or MIDI tracks of the piano and percussion can be provided if required. 

Ordering Information

Digital orders will be emailed to you as pdf files.  Each digital order will come with one pdf file per part, as well as a conductor's score.  The purchaser has the right to print copies of the pdf files for their, or their ensemble's, use only.  All copies remain part of the original purchase.

Any copies required outside of the original purchase must be bought separately; for example, scores needed for festival adjudicators, exams, personal copies, etc. must be original, purchased scores.

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